​Stop sitting wonky when you ride!

Sitting wonky in the saddle is more than just a positional fault, it can affect:

  • bend and suppleness on one rein

  • Canter leads, transitions and circles

  • Lateral work on one rein

  • Back & hip pain

…And contribute to rising frustration levels! So why not learn how you can correct them, off horse, with me at my ‘Stop sitting wonky’ rider workshop!

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At a balanced rider workshop, you'll get to work with a group of like-minded riders on the bits of your body that are making you sit unevenly. You’ll target these areas with specific self-applied postural exercises you can take home and work on to unravel tension and create straighter, better riding and continue improving.

Position perfection is a step closer...

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Upcoming workshops

Shrewsbury - MArch 2002

Aldridge - April 2022

Kent - May 2022

Watford - June 2022

Swindon - July 2022

More dates TBC...

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"​​Buttercup was giving me a really hard time before I found Horsey. The training helped me train her better and calm her down. So useful!"

Daniel Michaels

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In the tumultuous business of cutting-in and attending to a whale, there is much running backwards and forwards among the crew. Now hands are wanted here, and then again.
Peter Martin

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Peter Martin, <p><span style="color: rgba(255,255,255,0.74);">On twitter</span></p>
Jacob Carr, <p><span style="color: rgba(255,255,255,0.74);">On twitter</span></p>